Let's change the world, one good deed at a time.


In-depth knowledge concerning your own future.
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Your one good deed multiplies over 100 online.


Get your advice from a vision of a world-leader.
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Is it possible to change the world for good?

We all ask ourselves and think about a better future. It is real and happening in our generation. Learn and understand what and why is going to happen because it is the future of you and us all.

Sources with full description about our unique time and the upcoming redemption, what is the share for each of us, the study of the sources elevate our knowledge and prepare us for a period in which remains the same with the entire new tech etc., yet different because the elements of evil are about to disappear.

That's the most fascinating thing human may reveal.


A small effort of everyone can change the world, a great parable is a balanced scale – a small act can switch the balanced circumstances.

Today it is more tangible, sharing an act of good deed online could turn to an inspiration and motivation and position the media in a much better atmosphere for everyone.

Your good deeds are not only the major once, but your day-to-day small deeds that you can share and have more people inspire.

Share it forward – it’s only a little effort and is here!


Everyone has the possibility to contact, The Rebbe advices his own way. At any given moment anyone can write a letter to the Rebbe and ask for an advice or for a blessing.

Write your request; best if you can connect with your local Chabad Ambassador for detailed instructions, miraculously people report remarkable answers.

Today's technology made it available to everyone, in multiple languages online. This is your direct connection with the King Messiah - מלך המשיח

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